What’s in a song?

What’s your take on Meg Myers new single? Watch and listen below

Meg Myers NUMB

By Joshua Blake

Meg Myers dropped a new single titled “Numb,” and it shows the singer at her most vulnerable, while remaining honest in her thoughts. This creates a visual masterpiece in the music video, as you witness Myers struggle with pressure from the outside and from within.

“You think you want the best for me?” Myers asks, angry and teary-eyed. Nothing really matters, cause “if you force it, it won’t come.”

The song can be interpreted to be about depression, anxiety or any other mental illness. Or maybe it’s about being an artist, too. Still, it leaves you captivated and uncomfortable – Myers is poked, pulled and touched by numerous strangers as she tells them “I guess I’m feeling numb.”

The video appears to imply that despite her attempts, people aren’t listening, and she can’t deal with the pressure she’s been dealt. “I don’t wanna grow up/ la, la, la, la, la, la, la,”

The simplicity is what makes this song so complex. Myers is telling the viewer how she’s feeling, how she wants to fight it, and that’s what makes it so complex. Is she angry? Sad? Disappointed? Anyone who’s questioned their decisions will find refuge in her lyrics – especially if you can’t pinpoint how you’re feeling.

Maybe, like Meg Myers, we all feel numb sometimes. Or maybe it’s all the time and we try so hard to pretend we’re not.

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