Parasite In My Head


By Joshua Blake

Parasite In My Head:

Parasite in my head, hidin’ off in my bed,

Makin’ me think that it’s better bein’ dead.

Gotta probe it out, gotta scream and I’ve gotta shout.

Go on and get the fuck out!

Parasite in my brain, running like a freight train.

Tellin’ me how to think, how to feel.

Gotta probe it out, but it conceals.

Gotta probe it out so I can heal.

Get out so I know what’s real!

It’s that time again.

Where I laugh and start to pretend.

I’m fine. Why you askin’?

All I see is a bunch of lights flashin’.

Parasite in my veins, slidin’ up and slidin’ down.

Makin’ me feel like it’s seconds til I dorwn.

Parasite in my legs, movin’ back and movin’ forth.

Makin’ me question my own self-worth.

Gotta get back to the fort, gotta run and I’ve got a gun – no, I’m not done!

This fight’s only begun.

It’s that time again.

Where I laugh and where I cry.

I’m fine. Why you askin’?

Can’t you see me singin’ and dancin’?