Summer’s End


By Joshua Blake

I’ve been apprehensive writing on my musings of the girl pictured with me above. She stayed with me for 10 painfully, beautiful days. We were at the beach that day. That was my favorite day with her – admiring the sunset, taking photos, and listening to her read through my journals…

She told me that it gave her a sense of trust, and that’s exactly why I wanted her to read them. A fear of unknown doubt about love plagued those journals, and it felt so nice to feel so free with Anette by my side. I’ve never experienced that feeling before. It’s hard for the both of us to know that we have to wait to see each other again. However, I knew that our connection was strong online, and it became even stronger in person.

For those who may not know – in case I’ve somehow attracted the not-so-often new reader – Anette is from Norway. I reside in New York. When I went to the airport with my parents to pick her up, she ran to me once she saw me, sub-sequentially knocking me over – it was a great moment. She was tall – taller than I expected – and witnessing her beauty in person only fueled my adoration of her.

The 10 days following showed how close we are and how natural we felt with one another. We’re equally goofy, silly, adventurous, and spontaneous all at once. Some may say we’re very touchy-feel-y, ┬ábut public signs of affection don’t bother us at all. I’d prefer to say overwhelming love. Besides, it’s not like she can just text or call me saying she’s coming over or wants to go out.

That’s what made coupon offerings for discounts or in-store credit unfortunately sad to pass on. Maybe we’d use this if we were in the same place consistently. Although, I did take her to Victoria’s Secret and buy her a bra she really loved, but that’s not what really mattered. Just being in each others presence -holding hands as we walked, and the occasional kiss – is what made every moment so special.



This was the day we went to the mall and then ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory – our first date. She looked so pretty in her blue dress with a patch-like, eye-catching design. It’s just a shame that United Airlines lost her luggage on her way back home. Turns out they’re one of the worst – if not the worst – airliner in America (domestically and internationally). United’s entire Twitter and Facebook pages are complaints from former customers. I say former because anyone who’s used them once switches airlines – or they should. But, I digress.

We’re back to video-calling until she can return. She’s aiming for Easter and then the entire Summer with me next year.We know what this is now more than ever – but I think we’ve always known how special our relationship was. It’s been suggested through research that long-distance couples are emotionally happier and more connected to their partner than domestic partnerships. It’s easier to take things for granted when they are readily available. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t difficult for myself, Anette, or any others in long-distance relationships. They’re drastically beautiful and heart-breaking all at once.

So, what’s our next course of action? Finishing up our education and during that time, discussing options with Anette on how she can get here. It also helps that our families are supportive of our relationship. This isn’t faked, or believed to be something it’s not – it’s what it always was – a loving, heartfelt connection with someone who loves me as much as I love them.

And with that I bid adieu. I’ll see you soon, Anette.




Everything smells like you, even though it doesn’t.

I was scared even if it seemed like I wasn’t.

I’ll see you again,

I’ll see you again.

Everything sounds like you, even with no words.

I found your soul despite the huge herds.

I’ll see you again,

I’ll see you again.

Everything looks like you, even without your body.

I kiss and hold the air like some kind of oddity.

You’ll see me again,

You’ll see me again.