Is Axl Rose Still A ‘Golden God?’

Axl Rose 2014

By Joshua Blake

Last night, Axl Rose received the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Golden Gods Awards. He thanked his crew, as well as past and current lineups of Guns N’ Roses. However when Axl hit the stage, everything was all but “Golden.”

For those who streamed the event through Amazon, or VH1’s website, you were no stranger to the extreme confusion at the start of Guns N’ Roses set. Essentially, you heard the crew performing sound check for roughly 10 minutes. The crowd seemed lost, and aloof to whether or not the band would play soon.

Eventually, Axl and company took the stage, opening with the classic “It’s So Easy” from Appetite For Destruction. Former bassist Duff McKagan was sharing the spotlight as well, since filling in for Tommy Stinson for five shows in South America.

The band was tight, but Axl wasn’t. He was off-pitch and sounded like he sucked the helium from a balloon during “Welcome To The Jungle,” “You Could Be Mine,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” and every other song. It was painful to watch, needless to say.

Axl Rose seems like he doesn’t have any gas left in the tank – maybe he forgot how to work the nozzle – and that’s why he sounded bad. Oddly enough when Duff McKagan joined Axl onstage back in 2010 to perform a few tracks, he sounded incredible.

There’s no doubt that Axl Rose is a legend in Rock N’ Roll, but his performance last night was sad to watch. The only redeeming quality – arguably – was seeing Duff McKagan play those old songs.

Click the links below to watch the performance if you dare. Just remember that Axl is a cold heart-breaker fit to burn, and he’ll rip your heart in two. (Guns N’ Roses Golden Gods part 1) (Guns N’ Roses Golden Gods part 2)





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